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Data Integrity Institute Inc. is a leader in research and development of the most advanced technologies for massive and complex Data Integration, Extract, Transform, Load (ETL), Metadata Management, Data Lineage, Data Quality, Data Integrity and Master Data Management.

Data Integrity Institute Inc.'s Application Specific Data Integration Appliance is a powerful Data Integration solution, either implemented standalone or used to enhance industry leading ETL tools. When there is need for a Data Integration of extremely large and complex data vaults, an Application Specific Data Integration Appliance is only solution that can process even a billion records per hour.

Data Integrity Institute Inc.'s LATAS introduces a new, modern, approach to ETL solutions by simplifying of the implementing of semantic enclaves, any formal or informal structure of data grouped together, usually as an SQL database or schema, but can be also just a folder of flat files, that has to be implemented quickly and robustly, sometimes just for short time usage, when conventional ETL tool and implementation is not appropriate.

Data Integrity Institute Inc.'s Data Overexposure Protection Metadata Application, built on top of the ASG Rochade Repository Engine, is a sophisticated corporate metadata and data integrity system, that provides a robust Data Overexposure Protection while enhances Internal Control and fully complies with the Sarbanes - Oxley Act, Sections 302 and 404.

Data Integrity Institute Inc. has developed through research own unique Data Integration Engine ETL Server engine with an efficient nanotechnology sorting algorithm.

Data Integrity Institute Inc. was incorporated in 2004.

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For further information on how Data Integrity Institute Inc. can help you to implement, save or maintain a Data Warehouse, ETL, Metadata, or Data Integrity project, please send a detailed inquiry to: Data Integrity project inquiry, or call (647) 466-2298

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